waar ekke was die tyd

Hi friends sorry for my silent days these few months,
Busy like never before with an amazing new job I started 3 months ago. As I am sitting here I am missing my work-family that is so diverse, interesting and stimulating and I realize all the more how important some sort of a routine in our lives play.
I got a job with an amazing production company as head of makeup and also a presenter for a makeover show. I used to say that I would never do a 9-5 job and guess what God tossed my way??6am to some days 12pm… and guess what …? every moment spent at work made me love people so much more. I had the privileged to listen to stories so many stories and realize how important listening is. I met my best friend there that has seen me tired, happy, sad, irritated …every state and still loves me. In the time I started my job my grandmother also died and it was very difficult for me but such a sweet Lord that knew I needed to be kept busy in that time to not over think things sent me my dream job that I already miss.
This is just a short intro to tell you all where I have been! Much more stories to follow from crying …laughing to being a presenter for a show.
Much love


  1. Sheila5:15 AM

    Glad you are back

  2. Hi Nadja would you like to collaborate in clothing

  3. John kay5:18 AM

    I am happy for you your stories always inspire

  4. Thandi Moko5:19 AM

    Where you work

  5. Railee5:19 AM

    i dont like my work that much you lucky

  6. Lee Clothing Inters5:21 AM

    how long is it now?

  7. aimeriez-vous collaborer

  8. Neila5:25 AM

    I love it

  9. Peter Grey5:26 AM

    very good thing

  10. Geshem5:27 AM

    le gustarĂ­a colaborar

  11. Marion5:28 AM

    Ons het geownder waar is jy Wonderlike nuus het jou op Via gesien baie goed en geluk!

  12. Thank you everyone :) dankie Marion xxx

  13. Anonymous5:30 AM

    You are good with the writing i like your blog i was reading it many time . hope to read it more

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    / Alix N,
    @ www.acommonobsession.com

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