Sweet Market on main

Now working with celebrities day in and day out and having things superficial surrounding me most of my working hours as a stylist and make-up artist (don’t get me wrong I love it but sometimes simplicity is key), I found an outlet that stimulates me both creatively and socially.

Balance in life has always been a very important aspect for me, not that I really master it but to make it easy for me I just remember that God should be number one in my life and He helps me to put stability in the rest.

So back to the new outlet. My husband and I have been playing around with some awesome chicken kebabs that we want to sell for a good price and have it very healthy and yummy. We found the perfect butcher and abrah kebabrah …our product was here. Our name Abrah Kebabrah with the emphasis on the kebab part came to life. We started selling at a zero carb banting market and did exceedingly well and added the addition of a hotdog roll for the non- carb markets having great success.

So we searched for another market to add to our Saturday routine and found an awesome gem! Market on main! It is situated in the heart of the city of Pretoria, South Africa…With a variety of artisan food and treats and marvelous local craft beer. I think what makes me so fond of this market is that it is only four weeks old and already feels like a small family. We have the sweetest lady having a stall next to ours  that sells the most amazing oysters and champagne.  Whenever we are not looking we just see this gourmet oyster with caviar and a champagne glass making its way on our table! Then there is the best sweet treats and amazing beverages. One of my favorites is ‘eat mail’ selling a variety of healthy foods ranging from fresh fish to pea and mint soup! It is a gastronomic extravaganza! Best thing of everything it made me love my city even more. I never went to the heart of the city because it always seemed pretty scary but now I look at my city in a whole new way with a new found love!

Be sure to visit Market on main when you are in South Africa! 


  1. this is so inspiring

  2. Nina Relia10:46 PM

    Wish i could go i stay so far